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The Story Teller at 'Speak Up'

At our Institute ‘SKULL & SKILL’, we have introduced a new activity, goes by the name ‘Speak Up’. Every Sunday our students gather at the centre and discuss about the book they are reading and hear each other’s thoughts.

We had opened a library ‘The Reader’s Oasis’ a couple of months back leveraging on which our students had started to borrow books and realized the extremely satisfying world of imagination and happiness within themselves. (

Now that they are really into it and the books are getting circulated quite rapidly between students, we thought it is time to go to the next level. We asked kids to come along and discuss their ideas around the book they are reading. We asked them that they must discuss the underlying idea of the book, characters, the story line, what they liked or disliked about it, why should one read it and what other kind of books they would want to read and suggest to rest of the kids.

Last Sunday, we held this activity for the first time and it went very well. All the students who have gone through one or the other book shared their thoughts and told everyone about what they have experienced while reading, imagining and how that feeling is so powerful, satisfying and introspective in nature.

Here are the comments from few of our readers:

‘What a feeling?! Sitting alone at the roof top and reading the story with no one to disturb. Just me and my book.’

‘I couldn’t stop laughing. This book by P G Wodehouse is just so hilarious. I loved the characters.’

‘I loved the way it feels. It feels like something is speaking to you and then you realize it is your own voice in your head imagining things and telling you about it’

We know that this is going to be extremely beneficial for the kids. Discussions and mutual thought sharing really opens them up and boosts their self-confidence. Also, they get some time off their never ending school text books. They get closer to creative work of literature and start to appreciate things beyond their regular schedule.

Let us know how you feel about reading. We would be glad to receive suggestions and comments.

You can send email or call us. It is always very fulfilling to interact with someone new. Thanks for reading.

Keep smiling!

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