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Let the imagination find its way

You know how people can say strangest things sometimes! Now, let’s take this for an example.

We opened up a Library at our Institute, totally free of charge. Any previous or existing student of ours can come in anytime, borrow any book they want and can keep that book as long as they need to finish it. Why did we do this? Do we want to earn profit out of it? Of course not. We have bought an A-Z encyclopedia, around 50 books from different genres and still counting. Then what is the motive?

You probably will be able to guess the motive. But before we get there let’s just have a look at how we placed our Library in a very unique way and that will connect directly to what reactions we got from few people around us. We initially had those books safely placed in a cupboard and told kids to go ahead and have one to borrow and read whenever they feel like. Well, do you think that worked? In fact we ourselves sometimes used to forget about the Library. Now, what was the problem? Hope you can guess! The books were not directly visible to anybody, not in any sense that matters!

Then, why aren’t we making them visible, placing them right in front of their eyes. That is exactly what we did. Right at the entrance of our Institute’s hall, we spread all the books on a table so that kids can touch them while coming/leaving, turn the pages, smell the content, feel like having it and get curious. That’s the start we wanted and you know what! it worked absolutely fine. On the first day itself, almost 10 students took away one or the other book. Kids who previously never took out time to read beyond their regular text books, actually showed immense interest in reading novels, searching out Encyclopedia, discussing the content and started realizing how great this feeling is. It boosted their imagination to better levels and a whole brand new epiphany.

Now, back to what we were told by people. They said, ‘putting books out in open, why? No one does that, not even a single Institute we have seen provides this kind of accessibility and they shouldn’t. One who is going to borrow is just a kid, might end up ruining it.’ Well, that is exactly our point, we don’t want to behave like others and we certainly do not want to prevent kid from exploring. Our motives are different and nobler. We want to be and do all what is required and not what is just convenient.

Our prime concern is always the kid, what he grows up to be, is he able to form positive thoughts or not, is his perspective getting better, is he evolving into a compassionate human we always intended to build. Reading more and more books do that to you gradually. Keep Reading!

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