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Library Subscription - Terms & Conditions


The pricing plan under which one has subscribed will continue for that subscriber for further renewals only

if there is no gap between renewals. In case of gaps between renewals, revised pricing plans will take effect

for further subscriptions. Membership/Subscription is non-transferable.


Not more than 2 books can be borrowed under one subscription. One can borrow maximum 5 times in a month.

Books showing in the Library Book List are eligible for borrowing.  


Its the sole responsibility of the borrower to return the books in the condition (or better) they borrowed it.

In case of any kind of damage or ruining of the book that is not ignorable, we might have to

charge the borrower for that but we don't want to so please take good care of the books.


If subscriber fails to return the books within 7 days of the end of subscription then per day charge of Rs 25 

would be applicable from the end date of subscription to the day of returning the books unless any pricing-plan-duration

has been reached in that case pricing-plan would be applicable as chargeable.

If subscriber renews the subscription then renewal start date would be the next day of the end date of the last subscription.


Subscription once finalized and paid for cannot be cancelled under any circumstances.


Online Sessions - Terms & Conditions


Once booked, session will be delivered at the agreed timings.


For US - All days 7-11 AM and 4:30-10 PM (Pacific Time)

For India - All days 5-11 AM and 2:30-11 PM (IST)


Outside India - through PayPal

Inside India - Net banking, GPay, Paytm, PhonePe, UPI


If subscriber cancels a scheduled session -

        more than 24 hours before: no charge

        within 12-24 hours: 60% charge

        less than 12 hours before: fully chargeable

A session cancelled from our side is not chargeable at all and is rescheduled.


It depends on the size of the subscription. Please call +91 9680-648-958 to discuss.


Information placed with us by the customer is never shared anywhere or with anyone. The information is confidential.

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