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Mirror Magic

Of course it is not magic! You didn’t think so, did you?

What is magic really? Is it something we voluntarily submit ourselves to, to be fooled, get entertained, and oversee what might just be eventually apparent if not at first or sometimes letting our thoughts moulded in a deceptive enough set up stamping it as a ‘Miracle’?

Oh no, we are not judging, really. We are all up for ‘entertainment by magic’ piece but not when it fails the response of the onlooker -’igniting curiosity and finding a rational way to explain what happened’. ‘Miracle’ is very different from ‘Magic’. ‘Believing in a Miracle’ is an advanced state of failure of reasoning which allows the believer to disown the consequences of his/her actions and look upon someone else to do the job.

The main purpose of writing this blog is to throw some light on faulty thinking of few kids/students around us. It is our job to educate them about ‘How to Think’, isn’t it? To give you a perspective over the same, let’s take this example of a kid who talked about religion and miracles with one of our educators a few days back. The kid believed the tricks done by various so called saints in the past who managed to fool the blind believers, the believers who were ready to be misled, hell bent to reinforce their baseless perceptions and justifying their actions in the name of those perceptions.

The kid had a thoughtful discussion with our educator around this and the educator responded by saying - ‘Please rationally analyse your thoughts before making up your mind for believing something. Dig deeper and understand why people do what they do, why they believe what they believe. Not everything you see on internet, told by media or in some cases told by your elders is true. Develop your own original thought process basis genuine facts, do not overlook what is contradicting your existing beliefs, reshape your thinking basis new first hand experiences and do not get stuffed by irrationality. It is a disease where patient denies to have one and in turn refuses to get cured.

This video of our little experiment was to suggest and make the students realize that the location and the mind-set of the people seeing it makes all the difference. If this would have been done in a remote archaic disconnected village in a deceptive enough setup, in front of the unaware villagers (just giving an idea, not trying to offend), you would be able to cash on it by making it look like a miracle, by pretending to be a saint of some kind but then you yourself know it is just Science.

Just because you cannot explain something, doesn’t make it a miracle. We know that our society has built up a kind of an attitude where questioning beyond a certain point is considered rude, disrespectful and sometimes punishable. Let’s break that trend and evolve in a new world of understanding, discussion, analysing, reshaping thoughts and mind sets and in turn making this World a better place to live in.

Now, can you provide your thoughts around this experiment in the comments? What is the phenomena involved and how it is done?

Send email or call us to discuss and find out the answers. Thanks for reading.

Stay thoughtful!

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